North Country Studio Workshops offers five-day intensive workshops for artists and craftspeople, in an atmosphere of discovery, energy, collaboration, and inspiration.

Clay, fiber arts, printmaking, drawing, jewelry, paper and book arts, painting, sculpture, basketry, encaustic, mixed media, and photography are taught by nationally and internationally-known artists and instructors.

Nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains of Vermont, the classic New England campus of Bennington College provides workshop facilities, accommodations, and an inspirational setting.

Explore, expand, and create in a community of fine craft and fine art professionals.

Our 6 X 6 exhibit is now open.

There are nearly 140 tiles altogether. Each piece is unique, created by a North Country artist. All work has been donated, and all proceeds go to furthering our mission and supporting our program of art workshops. You can visit the show in person, now through October 25th, at the Kimball-Jenkins Estate, 266 North Main St., Concord, New Hampshire.

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Next workshops will be in January 2020.

Location: Bennington, Vermont

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About The Workshops

Since 1995, we've produced workshops every other year in the wooded hills of Bennington, VT at Bennington College.

I think it’s the passion that people have for what they’re doing. They’re so focused. You know, to get what I just got over the last few days, I would have to work for months, uninterrupted, in my studio, to manufacture mostly for myself, the same sort of buzz that I’ve gotten being here. And the food wouldn’t have been half so good.
— Richard Criddle, Participant

Where We Meet

In January 2018, North Country will offer thirteen simultaneous workshops, held at Bennington College, in the Visual and Performing Arts building.

North Country doesn’t take you away from your studio so long that you have to worry about getting distracted. It’s definitely fast-paced and energy-filled, and worth coming to. Places like this are just this microcosm of the art world at large, so to have that opportunity to be one-on-one with other artists at various stages in their career, and feel like you have something to contribute, as well as to take from it, it’s just worth it.
— Chris Todd, Scholarship Recipient

About The Instructors

Our workshop faculty members are recruited from around the United States. Each has won recognition for artistic achievement and for teaching excellence.

The faculty that we get and select, is so highly qualified, that there is always information, techniques, points of view, that are new. Let’s face it, a lot of us living here in the country, we get very isolated. Perhaps somewhat provincial at times. This is a way, an efficient way, to have a perspective that’s out there in the rest of the country, come to us and refresh our own work, but also give us an idea of what the trends are.
— Kathy Hanson, Former Executive Director