"North Country’s name has spread all over the country, and I think it has spread because the faculty have found exactly what we kept saying to them, “You are coming to work with professionals. These are people who want to know more. They want to get better, they want to have more experience, more opportunity.”  And, indeed, they have been spreading the word...this is a very professional event for artists, who depend on these kinds of opportunities to strengthen their own lives." Joanne Wise, Former Executive Director

Professional Artists

"Here, you hit the ground running on a very high level. That’s because the participants, by and large, are very committed artists/craftspeople." Kerstin Nichols, Participant

"It becomes really clear that it is a population of professionals who know their way around, who have a lot of information, who feel connected around here." Lynn DiNino, Faculty

"I have taught at a number of other locations and I find the students that I have here in the class, in general, are professional at what they do, which is either in the field they are studying here, or it might be across from a field that they are studying, but they are practicing artists and most of them are making a living at doing their artwork. so this is pretty unusual and special, I think, that there are so many professionals here taking classes. That’s exciting, because the level of intensity, the level of commitment, and the level of true interest is really high.  Very, very high.." Elin Noble, Faculty

Professional Development

"It’s so important to take the time… to stretch and grow. This is what this is all about,… just stretching and growing, trying new things, and associating them back to your old work, and seeing how they can really go down a different pathway.  And getting all of these wonderful ideas to go forward. It’s such a valuable thing to invest in yourself...It’s almost like this small, little utopia, where you get to not think of anything else but yourself and your work It’s such a valuable thing to invest in yourself." Sara Burns, Participant


"The facilities are fabulous. Lots of room. The room was set up just right for us.  It’s the right amount of dirty, so that we could make our own mess." Lynn DiNino, Faculty

"There is a lot of interaction between people in different studios and different mediums, and they’re saying, “Well, what if – what if – ?”  And, “Oh yeah?  Well, what if -- ?”  It’s sparking across lines." Elin Noble, Faculty


"The faculty that we get and select, is so highly qualified, that there is always information, techniques, points of view, that are new.  Let’s face it, a lot of us living here in the country, we get very isolated.  Perhaps somewhat provincial at times.  This is a way, an efficient way, to have a perspective that’s out there in the rest of the country, come to us and refresh our own work, but also give us an idea of what the trends are." Kathy Hanson, Former Executive Director

Sense of Community

"I think it’s the passion that people have for what they’re doing. They’re so focused. You know, to get what I just got over the last few days, I would have to work for months, uninterrupted, in my studio, to manufacture mostly for myself, the same sort of buzz that I’ve gotten being here. And the food wouldn’t have been half so good." Richard Criddle, Participant


"North Country doesn’t take you away from your studio so long that you have to worry about getting distracted. It’s definitely fast-paced and energy-filled, and worth coming to. Places like this are just this microcosm of the art world at large, so to have that opportunity to be one-on-one with other artists at various stages in their career, and feel like you have something to contribute, as well as to take from it, it’s just worth it." Chris Todd, Scholarship Recipient


"I really have to compliment the administration of NCSW. Everything was so organized. Everything was there and taken care of, from beginning to end. …One of the things that really, really impressed me, in all sincerity, I can’t get over the volunteers in this organization. How many there are. …That is most commendable." Dan Welden, Faculty


"The scholarship gave me a chance to come to this workshop, which I wouldn’t have been able to afford, and everything that I’ve taken in here will be invaluable.  It runs the gamut from everything I’ve learned from the instructor, and from the monitor, and from the other people in the classroom, to just being able to go to the slide shows and see what other people are doing, the conversations at meals. you can’t leave a place like this without feeling like you’re carrying a big old bag full of new tricks and new ideas." Chris Todd, Participant

Greater Community

"You know, a lot of people who come to these workshops are teachers. They go back and they teach other people how to do these things - and get them all excited. I don’t know, to me it’s just like a drop of water; it just multiplies out into the community." Martha Von Ammon, Participant


"I think it’s a gorgeous setting. It’s a stunning place to be for inspiration, and for quiet, and for just finding peace within yourself." Elin Noble, Faculty

And In The End

"I think that whether I’m teaching or whether I’m taking a class, it’s the same thing.  You still have to give yourself that time, and it’s apparent that people are doing that here. I’ll leave with that; it’s your own gifts to yourself that are the most important." Elin Noble