About The Class

Instructor: Tracy Penfield

Class Title: Mindful Moving

These morning and afternoon sessions are open to all NCSW participants, of any abilities and movement experience. It is possible to participate in a chair. Instructor Tracy Penfield offers a flowing session with elements drawn from her 40 years experience leading dance and yoga. Her sessions are trauma-sensitive.

Tracy’s primary goal at NSCW is to help artists release tension from tired muscles and to mindfully engage those muscles in their studio work. Core strength and maintaining open energy currents are a focus.  Breath is spirit, and guided imagery for breathing connects the movement of breath to the expression sought in the studio.

Yoga mats are provided. Wear clothing that allows for stretching and comfortable movement. No shoes in the studio, please.

Tracy is also available by appointment to work with individuals on motion concerns, whether pertinent to their studio work or more general somatic issues. The cost of these private sessions is dependent upon the length and is paid by the individual.

About The Instructor

Tracy Penfield Sculpture by Bruce Hathaway

Tracy Penfield
Sculpture by Bruce Hathaway

After 20 years as an artist and educator in Fiber Arts and Dance, Tracy founded SafeArt, where she offers therapeutic sessions that combine energy healing, movement, and voice. She also teaches yoga, dance, weaving, and mindfulness. In 2016, Tracy published A Curriculum of Courage: Making SafeArt, and has taken the book on tour in the Northeast. Tracy believes in the power of the arts to create personal and social change.



  • No pre-registration required.

  • Free with Workshop Registration.


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