The deadline for scholarship applications will be June 10, 2019.

We offer several scholarship options -- some covering tuition only, others covering tuition, room, and board. Each scholarship type has its own application.

North Country Studio Workshops Scholarships
In 2020, we will offer three scholarships that cover full tuition ($760), and two new, additional scholarships that cover one half of tuition ($380). Download the NCSW Scholarship Application, which describes the NCSW scholarship and the application process. Deadline: June 10, 2019.
Click here to download the PDF application form.

The Kira Fournier Scholarship provides a full tuition, room, and board scholarship to an established studio artist in order to promote his or her artistic growth. This scholarship was established by Benjamin Schore in memory of his late wife, an innovative New Hampshire artist who died in 2002. Download Kira Fournier Scholarship Application, which describes the scholarship and the application process. Deadline: June 10, 2019.
Click here to download the PDF application form.

The Young Artist Scholarship covers full tuition, room, and board for an artist under the age of 35, working in any medium. Funded by an anonymous donor, this scholarship is designed to provide an emerging artist with an intensive growth experience that will help launch a career in the arts. Download the Young Artist Application, which describes the scholarship and the application process. Deadline: June 10, 2017.
Click here to download the PDF application form.

Other Opportunities:

The New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
provides grants that will support New Hampshire artists to attend North Country Studio Workshops. Details and application instructions can be found here. Funding for early 2020 is not yet in place. Check with NHSCA in mid summer to make sure these grants are available.

The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen provides some supplementary assistance for artists to attend intensive workshops. Details and application information here.

The Vermont Arts Council offers matching grants to help support activities that will “enhance mastery of an artist’s craft or skills.” Details here.

Other scholarships may be available through other state arts councils, local guilds, foundations, and art associations. Please contact your local organizations for details.

Applicants for all types of financial aid must be registered for a workshop before submitting the scholarship application to North Country. Workshop registration and scholarship application materials along with $200 ($150 workshop deposit and $50 non-refundable processing fee) are due by June 10, 2019. Applicants who are later awarded a full scholarship will receive a refund of the $150 workshop deposit. For those who receive a tuition-only scholarship, the deposit will be applied to their room & board. If you apply for a scholarship and do not receive one, your $150 tuition deposit will be refunded, as long as you have told us in advance that you will have to withdraw if you are not awarded a scholarship. See the applications for details. Deadline: June 10, 2019.

Studio Assistantships are also available. For details on the Studio Assistant responsibilities, and for application information, click here.