In 1990, internationally known basket maker Jackie Abrams wanted to find an advanced-level workshop program in New England. Not finding one, she called together some friends from Vermont and New Hampshire and began North Country Studio Workshops (NCSW). The Shaker Village, Enfield (NH) was the location of the first event in 1993. Since 1995, we've produced a series of workshops every other year in the wooded hills of Bennington (VT) at Bennington College. 

In 2000, a video was made to celebrate ten years since Jackie’s initial idea. In Jackie's Words (6-minute video) tells the story of how she put NCSW on the map. Her voice, along with photos of faculty and students working side-by-side, is a montage of music and words providing viewers a better understanding of the role NCSW plays in the lives of artists in New England and throughout the United States. A follow-up video, NCSW 2007 (7-minute video), was made to further communicate the uniqueness of this workshop experience.

Currently, nineteen planning committee members choose the faculty, equip the studios, and see that participants and faculty have what it takes to allow for a peer-to-peer experience. The committee is made up of studio artists, art collectors, and professional business people. If you are located in the Concord area, and have come to one of our programs, we'd loved to have you share your time and talents by joining this committee.

Our organization has two long-term goals: The goal of the organization is to serve the creative community with programs that enrich and inspire, thereby stimulating growth in the creative economy. The goal of the program is to provide a readily affordable, non-traditional art education experience; to reinvigorate creativity; to provide advanced skills and networking opportunities; to expand artistic horizons; and to enable participants to share the experience with the greater regional community.