About The Class

Instructor: Peter Dellert

Medium: Sculpture

Workshop Title:  Reuse, Recycle, Regenerate

Using inexpensive materials, design and make simple sculptures and maquettes for larger sculptures. You will begin with drawings, then proceed to making maquettes, scaled to reflect your ultimate sculpture. Armatures of foam, wood, or wire will be covered with various materials, including paper mache, plaster, cardboard, tin cans, and found objects. With these materials, you will free yourself to explore more deeply and to take risks, as you work quickly to develop your ideas and achieve your artistic vision. Construction techniques may include light welding. Open to all. You need to be able to work with your hands, but experience with advanced tools is not required.

Materials List. Click here for a list of supplies that you will need to bring for this workshop.

About The Instructor

peter dellert

peter dellert

Peter Dellert is a sculptor, mixed media artist, and wood worker from Holyoke, Massachusetts, where he has maintained a studio for 35 years. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and most recently in Kyoto, Japan. His sculptures appear regularly in outdoor venues such as Sculpture Now at the Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts and Art in the Orchard in Easthampton, Massachusetts. He has taught locally and at schools such as Haystack in Maine and Arrowmont in Tennessee.



  • Application Fee: $50.00

  • Residents: $1,300.00
    (Tuition, Fees, Room & Board Tuesday dinner through Sunday lunch)

  • Commuters: $1050.00
    (Tuition, Fees, Lunch and Dinner Tuesday dinner through Sunday lunch)

[My] sculptures speak of the fragility and strength in natural forms. It is this balance which I like to explore.
— Peter Dellert

Peter Dellert

These photos are representative of the instructor’s work, not necessarily of work that will be produced during the workshop.

Inspiration is waiting.