More Photos and Responses

Here are more memories from Bennington, January 2018. 

Mixed Media with Susan Webster

"Susan intuited a direction that I need to take in my art and came up with an exercise that made me see the light!"
"I enjoyed my fellow participants and the level of their expertise. I have found one of the best features of NCSW is the participants as much as the teachers."

"I explored a size I never worked in, and new techniques with tools I have used before."

Drawing with Evan Crankshaw


"Mind expanding, nurturing, yet progressive instruction. Good momentum each day."


"Evan's exercises taught me to slow down as I draw sometimes, and to be strong and fierce at other times."

"I was delighted and surprised at the endless amount of support and insight and new ideas and solutions..."
"A wonderful, warm group of attendees who were really thoughtful about where Evan was trying to take us."

More to come...