Memories from Handbuilding and Jewelry

Clay/Handbuilding with Syd Carpenter

Here's an example of Syd Carpenter's work, illustrating how she creates sculptural pieces representing landscapes and/or interiors.

HandbuildingRed copy.jpg

And here are some of the things that class participants said about the workshop:

"I was challenged to adopt another way of developing work."
"This was a new way of working for me, and hearing Syd talk about how she takes available information and translates it into her work process was exciting."
Handbuilding Students.JPG

What inspired or delighted you?

"The freedom to work intuitively and spontaneously...pushing my comfort zone in clay sculpture...working from the concept of a personal map and abstracting those concepts into 3D sculpture..."

Rings 360 with Tim Lazure

Tim Lazure at NCSW.jpg
"Tim simplified so many processes."
"I was delighted to learn a bit about metal chasing and was thrilled that Tim was able to give me some guidance about how to continue with that work at home."
"The interaction with the faculty and other (very creative) students was inspirational, as always."
"From rivets, to soldering, to tool making, he made it all seem accessible."